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LWV Greenwich is proud to release its Capital Projects Funding Study to provide the Greenwich community with transparency on how capital projects are selected, prioritized, calendared, and funded.   

On July 25th the Capital Projects Study Committee presented the study to the community.  The video is below. 


Please join LWV Greenwich and its Capital Projects Study Committee for an in-person discussion of the report and its recommendations:

In Person Discussion

7:00 pm - September 13, 2023

Greenwich Library



The LWV Greenwich held two Membership Meetings on January 11th and January  25th, during which members were presented the Report of the Capital Projects Study Committee.  Following the first meeting the Committee drafted a Concurrence Statement which was subsequently approved by the LWV Greenwich Board and then voted on by the membership at the second meeting.  With the approval of this Statement the Report was made an official position of the LWV Greenwich.  Thank you to all the members who participated, and to the Committee for its work.  To view the approved documents, you may click on the buttons here, or see below.  To download you will need to be logged in as a member; if you need instructions please refer to the video at the bottom of this page.

Read the full Capital Projects Study Committee Report.

Read the Approved Concurrence Statement. 



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• February 2019

At an annual program planning membership meeting, the town’s capital projects was identified as an issue that merited LWV Greenwich study.

• March 2019

The LWV Greenwich Board approved the description of the Committee’s “charter” and referred it to members for voting at the Annual Meeting.

• June 2019

Members approved the “charter” and the formation of a committee to study for two years the capital projects decision-making process in Greenwich.

• June 2019

Cyndy Anderson agreed to chair the Committee, and shortly thereafter a group began to work.  

• 2019-2021

COVID intervened, complicating the committee’s efforts to meet. Cyndy Anderson resigned.

• June 2021

LWV Greenwich membership extended the “charter” of the Committee for another two years. The Board approved Committee leadership shortly thereafter. With special attention given to ensure balanced representation by those of different political persuasions, the Committee chairs recruited a Capital Projects Study Committee (CPSC). 

• 2021-2022

The CPSC conducted interviews and research.

• Spring 2022

The CPSC chairs reported twice to the LWV Greenwich Board.

• Summer 2022

The CPSC prepared a lengthy report of its findings and recommendations, supported unanimously by all CPSC members.

• December 2022

The full report and first drafts of the Concurrence Statements were made available to all LWV Greenwich members on its website.

• January 11, 2023

The CPSC presented its findings to members and answered members’ questions.

• January 18, 2023

The Board unanimously approved the CPSC’s Concurrence Statement. 

• January 25, 2023

The CPSC reviewed and explained the Concurrence Statement to members and answered questions. Members voted overwhelmingly in support of the Concurrence Statement.

• Today

The Concurrence Statement is now an official local policy position of LWV Greenwich.



• The study of governmental issues is a basic function of the League of Women Voters.

• A study is undertaken at the national, state, and local levels, and leads to both education and advocacy, which are the key functions of the organization.

• The LWV's process for study has acquired a solid reputation for its in-depth and unbiased exploration of an issue submitted to its grassroots membership for informed discussion.

• Consensus or concurrence of the members on various aspects of an issue results in an LWV program position. Such a position becomes the foundation for LWV advocacy or action.

Learn more about how the study process works in general.

Find out more about LWV Greenwich Previous Studies.

Visit the LWV CT  Studies page.


As the Town is embarking on an effort to rebuild its infrastructure in the upcoming 10-year period, the LWVG proposed a study of the process used to determine which projects will be selected, calendared and funded. The study was to include but not be limited to:

• Planning process used by the BET and proponents of projects;
• Approval process and public involvement;
• Funding process and prioritization;
• How projects relate to the Plan of Conservation  Development;
• Transparency;
• Influence of state and federal proposals;
• Oversight of the planned projects, approvals, implementations, and results.

*This is a summary. 
  The full  Scope is included in the Capital Projects Study Committee Report.


• The LWV Greenwich is grateful to the committee volunteers and to the membership for their consideration of this important community matter.

Without the input and the incredible dedication of the LWV Greenwich organization, we would not have the insight into a very impactful issue.

Following the presentation, responses to questions, and a vote on the Concurrence Statement, the LWV Greenwich took a position on the Study recommendations.

The Board of LWV Greenwich is working to foster implementation of the suggested improvements in the functioning of our local government related to this issue.

Thank you to all who participated!